Final Band Plan Accepted today by the ARRL

As reported at QRZ:

The ARRL Board accepted the final band plan of the Band Planning Committee.


Final Band Plan:


Second Board Meeting July 2020/Doc 25A Band Plan Final-1b (PDF)

Major highlights:


80 Meters:

  • Bottom of Phone band moved from 3.600 to 3.650-WB (Wideband) and ACDS (Automatic Controlled Digital Station) defined – 3.600-3.650
  • Technicians given 3.900 – 4.000 phone and image

40 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 7.100 – 7.125 (No more unwritten rule Novice CW segment!)
  • Technicians given 7.225 – 7.300 phone and image

30 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 10.135 – 10.150

20 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 14.105 – 14.150

18 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 18.105 – 18.110

15 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 21.150 – 21.200
  • Technicians given 21.275 – 21.350 phone and image
  • Novices given 21.025 – 21.200 RTTY/Data

12 Meters:

  • WB/ACDS defined 24.925 – 24.930

10 Meters:

  • WB defined 28.120 – 28.190 (All classes)
  • WB/ACDS defined 29.200 – 29.300 (Extra, Advanced, General)

Unlicensed QRM on the 449.525 Repeater

Recently, we’ve been having trouble with unlicensed operators using the output frequency of the 449.525 for simplex communication.

We tend to hear this most heavily in the early mornings, Mon-Sat, but sporadically in the afternoon and early evening as well. None of us who are monitoring this situation speaks Spanish, so we are unaware of what is being said, but we have yet to hear any call sign being transmitted. We have a suspicion of multiple mobile stations, and a base station.

As best we are able, we have transmitted warnings regarding this operation, but we can’t tell whether any of the operators are hearing us.

We are working on some RDF and triangulation. Here are some images showing an estimated bearing. We will update these images, and this post, as we learn more.

We have a report that the signals are very strong in the area of Faversham Park, 73rd and Ingalls. That is possibly the next location for an RDF trip.

If anyone can assist with RDF, speaking Spanish to communicate with these operators, and/or locating a place of business, please contact us. We would greatly appreciate the help. If you’re on QRZ, there is a discussion thread available.

Mt. Evans Ascent Coming up on June 8th

Coming up on June 8th 2019, Intermountain Repeater Group will be providing communication support for the Mt. Evans Ascent foot race, benefitting Alpine Rescue. The race itself starts at 6:30 AM, so amateur operators will need to be leaving the start line prior to that. Please contact KEØSJ — Bob, our club President, if you would like to volunteer to help out. Bob will be sending out information via e-mail to our radio crew as we get closer to the event. Radio amateurs will be operating from the start line, the summit, and at the aid stations along the course, relaying requests for support, race progress, and any other communication traffic as needed.

2019 Is Coming

2019 is almost upon us, and we’d like to remind everyone to renew their membership. Your membership contributions go to maintaining the club repeaters. We appreciate your support for these expenses.

If you’re not currently a member, please consider joining us!

Please also start thinking about our annual activities, in support of the Mt. Evans Ascent, and the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life.

Also coming up in 2019, mark your calendars for the many hamfests and other amateur radio activities in the Rocky Mountain Region.

NA0TC Fall TechFest is Coming Up

The 285 TechConnect Radio Club is pleased to announce the annual TechFest in November. The TechFest has 5 hours of presentations on technical topics related to amateur radio, plus a “demo corner” where club members show off some of their operating technology.

The TechFest will be held on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, at The Bridge Church at Bear Creek, 3101 S. Kipling St. TechFest runs from 9:00AM to 3:00PM, with a 1-hour break for lunch. Doors will open for registration at 8:00AM. For morning talk-in, please use the 145.145 CRA Repeater.