Mt Evans Ascent June 26th

It’s that time again — Intermountain Repeater Group will be providing race communication for the Mt. Evans Ascent on Sunday, June 26th, 2022.

As usual, we’ll be using our portable repeater at the summit for radio traffic, with simplex and relay as a backup. The repeater frequency is 146.835 MHz, -600, with 100 Hz tone. If there are any difficulties using the repeater, 146.445 will be the backup simplex frequency.

Billy Anderson – KIØFV is our volunteer coordinator for this event.

We’re looking for a couple more volunteers to assist this year. You’ll need a mobile rig or amplifier, as the wattage from an HT is not sufficient for good comms. We recommend a minimum capability of 20W. Due to the addition of a “round trip” stage, the start time for the event will be 5:30 AM, and radio operators should be at their assigned stations by that time.

If you’d like to volunteer to work this event, please let us know, using our contact form.