Sunday Night Net

IRG holds an on-air meeting every Sunday night at 7:30PM Mountain time. We welcome all radio amateurs. This net is a social meeting for the club, but we also welcome all comments and questions of interest to the amateur radio hobby.

The net is conducted on the 145.280 repeater. During the net, the 100Hz access tone is disabled, so even operators using older 2M equipment without a tone board can participate.

Please join us every Sunday night!

The following is our net control script. If you would like to volunteer to be a net control operator, please contact us. Note that we don’t require strict adherence to the script – just follow the general plan. We often leave out the recitation of the list of repeaters, for example. Tossing out a question for the evening, or a topic, is encouraged.

Download the IRG Net Script [PDF]

(At approximately 2 minutes prior to the start of the net, disable the tone, and call for emergency traffic.)

“Good evening! This is {your call sign}; the Sunday Night Net for the Intermountain Repeater Group will begin in approximately two minutes. Please stand by while I disable the 100 Hertz CTCSS tone requirement for all transceivers to access the repeater.”

(Transmit DTMF Tones 101* [off])

“Is there any emergency or priority traffic, please call now.”

(At 7:30 PM begin)

“Good evening! This is {your call sign} and my name is {your name}, now opening the Intermountain Repeater Group Sunday Night Net.”

“This open net is held every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM local time to receive questions and comments of interest to the amateur radio community. All members and listeners with a valid amateur radio license are invited to join in.”

“IRG maintains four open repeaters in the Denver Metro area for your use. We also maintain a club web site with info and many links for your enjoyment. Please go to ‘IRGCLUB.ORG’ {repeat slowly using ITU phonetics} for more information.”

(Optional: You, the net control operator, may wish to inform the listeners about any news, general info, e.g. swap fests, ARRL news, local club news, etc.)

“Please give your call and name when checking in. The repeater has a three minute time limit. And remember to sign your call when ending your comments.”

“At this time I will take check-ins from mobiles only. Please call now.”

(Acknowledge check-ins and take comments)

“Now let’s hear from short-timers that cannot stay for the duration of the net.”

(Acknowledge check-ins and take comments)

“And now all other regular check-ins. Please call {your call sign}”.

(Acknowledge check-ins and promote conversation; Call for additional or late check-ins.)

“Hearing no one else, are there any further comments for the net”. (Short pause)

“Hearing none, I wish to thank everyone for checking in tonight. The total count for tonight is {count, including net control}. Next week the net operator will be {name}.”

“I now declare the net closed at {time} local time and return the repeaters back to normal use. This is {your call} clear 73.”

(Transmit DTMF Tone 102* [on])