Sunday Night Net

IRG holds an on-air meeting every Sunday night at 7:30PM Mountain time. We welcome all radio amateurs. This net is a social meeting for the club, but we also welcome all comments and questions of interest to the amateur radio hobby.

The net is conducted on the 145.280 repeater, -600 offset, with no PL tone required. Yes, we do sometimes turn on the PL tone, if we’re experiencing significant interference, but especially for the net, we try to keep it turned off, so even operators using older 2M equipment without a tone board can participate.

Please join us every Sunday night!

The following is our net control script. If you would like to volunteer to be a net control operator, please contact us. Note that we don’t require strict adherence to the script – just follow the general plan. We often leave out the recitation of the list of repeaters, for example. Tossing out a question for the evening, or a topic, is encouraged.

Download the IRG Net Script [PDF]

This is {Call sign} The time is 7:30PM, and this is the Intermountain Repeater Group Sunday night net. My name is {name} serving as net control this evening, and again my call sign is {call sign}. This net may be interrupted at any time for emergency or priority traffic by transmitting the word “break” at any pause. Before we begin the net, if there is any emergency or priority traffic, please call now.{pause}

Hearing none we will open the net. This net is held every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM Mountain time to receive questions and comments of interest to the amateur radio community. This is an open net, and we invite ALL IRG members and visiting amateur operators to join in.

The Intermountain Repeater Group operates 4 repeaters serving the Colorado Front-Range area and locations Eastward. We have a machine on Centennial Cone operating at 145.280 MHz with a negative offset and typically no PL tone. When a PL tone is in use, it will be 100Hz. We also have a 70cm repeater on Centennial Cone at 449.525MHz, with a negative offset and no tone, which is linked to the 280 machine. Our 2nd 2M machine is located on Blue Mountain operating at 145.475 MHz with a negative offset and no PL tone. We also have a repeater in the Lochbuie area, on 447.625 MHz with a negative offset and no tone.

For more information about the club, please join us on the net, or visit our website. You can find our website at

{Any announcements, upcoming events, reports of interest …}


Again, this is an open net, and we invite all amateur radio operators to join in. Please keep in mind that the repeater has a 3 minute timeout, so please reset by briefly releasing your transmit key if you have an extended comment. And please remember to give us your call sign when you have finished with your comments.

When checking in, please give us your call sign, name, and location.

{If there is a topic or question for the net, it goes here.}

At this time, I would like to take checkins from short-time and mobile operators. Short-time and mobile operators, please call now.

  • take checkins – record call, name, etc
  • proceed through the checkin list, calling each station for comments

Call here for regular checkins

  • take checkins – record call, name, etc
  • proceed through the checkin list, calling each station for comments

Repeat call for checkins, late checkins, lather, rinse, repeat.

Once there are no further comments, close the net: announce the total participating stations, and thank-you to participating stations.

This is {call sign}, we will now close the IRG Sunday Night Net at {time} and return the repeater to normal amateur radio use. {call sign} clear.