WB0THS – Roger Owens, SK

Our dear friend and a founding member of the Intermountain Repeater Group and the Empire Radio Club, Roger Owens, WB0THS, passed away on Friday, July 15,2022.

Roger was a very active amateur radio operator until the past year or so when Alzheimer’s disease caught up to him. Roger was a strong advocate of the American Red Cross and actively participated as a Red Cross Communicator.

We had many club meetings held at his Westminster United Methodist Church. He was a custodian and very involved in his church activities, especially with the food bank. He and Jean attended many “Lunch Bunch” gatherings.

Roger was a very active member of IRG and helped in all club activities, like the 65Roses bike
races and the Mt Evans Assent race. Field day was always a special event for him. We will miss Roger for sure.

God bless Roger and Jean.

Roger Dale Owens; August 13, 1942 – July 15, 2022

Memorial Service will be Saturday, August 13, 2022, 10:30am at Westminster United Methodist Church, 3585 West 76th Avenue, Westminster.