IRG operates four repeaters, providing 2 meter and 70 centimeter service in the Denver, CO metropolitan area.

Frequency Offset Access Location Notes
145.280 -600KHz 100Hz Centennial Cone Tone usually not required; linked to 449.525
145.475 -600KHz 100Hz Blue Mountain
447.625 -5MHz 100Hz N. of Lochbuie 8 Watts
449.525 -5MHz Centennial Cone Linked to 145.280

Blue Mountain Site

The Blue Mountain repeater site is about halfway between Golden, CO and Boulder, CO, near the intersection of Foothills Parkway and Highway 72, at 8100 ft. elevation. We’re in the process of rebuilding the site, following a lightning strike which did a lot of damage. Currently, we’re using a temporary antenna which is lower on the tower than we’d like it to be, but we still get pretty good coverage, with good signal reports NE to Eaton, CO. We don’t, at the moment, have a good idea on coverage East and SE, but we are reaching Castle Rock for sure.

Next on our list of repairs is to replace the cable harness for our main antenna, at which point we should be back to full transmit coverage. After that, it’ll be just housekeeping chores and minor fixups.

Here are some photos from our Blue Mountain repair work.

Centennial Cone Site

The Centennial Cone Site is located near Centennial Cone Park, in Jefferson County Colorado, North of Highway 6 and East of Golden, CO. The Denver Radio League has some nice pictures of the tower.